Government to build flats for Zamdela residents

New flatsGovernment envisages that the construction of a Community Residents Unit (CRU) in Sasolburg will go a long way in addressing the problem of overcrowded flats in Zamdela, says the mayor of Metsimaholo Local Municipality, Brutus Mahlaku. Mahlaku said some residents will be allocated stands while others will wait for government to build them RDP houses.

“It is not everyone who will lay their hands on this form of lodging, given the high demand. However, we do promise that people who want stands will get them after all due processes. The CRU project will be a welcome relief as you might be aware that it is not too far from the new municipal building,” said Mahlaku.

He said the project will be spearheaded by the provincial government and will benefit people who do not qualify for RDP houses and stands.

“These flats will be for people who do not qualify for RDPs and stands. Stands will be allocated at Boschhoek to those who want them. We are aware that many people want to live in their own houses,” said Mahlaku.

It is almost a year since the Metsimaholo Local Municipality Council voted to rezone the area but nothing has been done so far. The Mayor had reported that they had been waiting for the Township Board to finalise rezoning the area. “We are waiting for the Township Board to meet us on this matter so we can start with stands allocation,” said Mahlaku.

The advent of CRUs was announced by housing MEC Olly Mlamleli six weeks ago during an Imbizo with occupants of flats. She disclosed that bachelor flats, two room and other flats will be built to ease the overcrowding in the area, while promoting cleanliness.“We are bringing a new kind of flats to improve the living conditions of those staying in small cottage flats. We are not forcing you to register for these flats, but everybody is entitled to register for what they feel will work for them.

“We are not going to have people opting for the flats and then turning around to complain that they are uncomfortable. We are urging you to choose between the flats, stands and RDP houses. Your choice is final.” The CRU system is working successfully in areas like Bloemfontein and these flats are less costly compared to privately owned apartments. They are managed by local municipalities.