Metsimaholo honour pastor’s wives

SASOLBURG - Metsimaholo Local Municipality ended the Women’s Month on a very high note by honouring and appreciating pastor’s wives during the Women in Faith Seminar which was held at the Harry Gwala Multi-Purpose in Zamdela yesterday. The occasion was graced by the Executive Mayor of Metsimaholo, Cllr. Brutus Mahlaku and Members of the Mayoral Committee including over 150 pastor’s wives from different churches within the municipality.


Pastor Dix Xipu, who was the guest speaker, encourages the wives to take their rightful position in the community of Metsimaholo by starting to get involved and pray for the community and its leaders. Pastor Xipu said “being a pastor’s wife is a high calling and a great joy; a great responsibility and a great blessing. It is a rare gift from God.” 

He continued and said “there are many demands, but the joys far outweigh the pressures. If you are a pastor’s wife, it is of utmost importance that you know who you are in Christ and be focused on pleasing God first and foremost.”


During his address, the Executive Mayor of Metsimaholo, Cllr. Brutus Mahlaku, indicated that one of the most important and most overlooked people in a church is the pastor’s wife. “She is usually not on the organisational chart, does not have a formal job title or job description, and is an unpaid volunteer,” Mahlaku said. The first citizen of Metsimaholo indicated that many pastors have children and on Sundays, the pastor’s wife turns to be a single mother.


“She gets up early to cook a nice breakfast, chat with her husband, and pray for him before sending him off to preach. She then has to get the kids up and ready, get herself ready, and get the family out the door early enough to not be late to church, because everyone will talk if she’s late,” Mahlaku said.