Electricity for Amelia residents

Community members living at Amelia in Sasolburg are waiting in anticipation for the day when their houses get electricity, this comes after phase one of the electrification of the area intensifies. “We have been without electricity since we arrived here about six year ago and seeing poles and cables being installed in our area has given us hope that we will be like other areas with electricity,” Kensani Timbane, one of the local residents in Amelia.


According to Timbane, she has budgeted for electrical appliances which she will buy during the festive season. “I plan to buy the electrical appliances during Christmas specials, because they will be much cheaper that now,” Timbane said. Timbane’s joy was shared by Morare Motebang, another resident living in Amelia. “I am very happy to see this connection finally taking place in our area. We were the first people to live here and we have been without electricity since we come here. We have seen progress being made over the years and now that electricity is come, this means a lot to us,” Motebang said. 



He further explain that during winter it was very difficult to keep warm and they were forced to warm up using wood which it was very exercise dangerous.


On the other hand, the locals have also benefited from job creation were over 30 people were employed to assist with the erection of electric poles and the connection of cables. According to the project manager, Roben Bester, it is expected that by early next year residents of Amelia will be having electricity in their respective homes. 


“We are well on track and phase one will be concluding soon and then we will be starting with phase two which will see houses being connected,” Bester said. The Executive Mayor of Metsimaholo Local Municipality, Cllr. Brutus Mahlaku, said there is more to come in terms of service delivery for the residents living within the municipality. 


“As the municipality we are in the right path - in the last two years we have been able to get into Amelia by building bulk electricity infrastructure,” said Mayor Mahlaku. According to the first citizen of Metsimaholo, the electricity infrastructure in Amelia will not only benefit the area alone, but it will also benefit adjacent areas.