Municipality hosts wellness programme for employees

Metsimaholo Local Municipality held an Employee Wellness Day for its employees. The employees were participating in different sporting activities organised by the officials.


Employees were given the chance to test for chronic illness, such as high blood pressure and sugar diabetes. According to the Executive Mayor of Metsimaholo, Cllr Brutus Mahlaku, the day was organised with the intention of building good health consciousness amongst employees so that they can execute their day-to-day work with great enthusiasm.


“With this programme, we intend to deal with the moral of the employees, because we understand the challenges which they are faced with. What we did is, we brought all the medical aid companies and financial institutions to come and assist our employees with any challenges which they are faced with,” said Mayor  Mahlaku. This pioneering programme saw many employees of the municipality being given assistance while at work and having fun at the same time.


The day started with a ten kilometre marathon and those with outstanding performance were rewarded with silverware. Mayor Mahlaku pointed out that the employees were playing amongst themselves, in various sporting codes, which included athletics, soccer and aerobics. “The finance department was playing against office of the mayor and the speaker at some stage. It was a day well spent,” Mahlaku said.


Last year, Metsimaholo Local Municipality saw many illegal strikes and this year a number of employees also went on an illegal strike which saw most of the employees shown the door, as they were dismissed from their work. However, through intensive negotiations the employees that were dismissed were later reinstated. It is expected that going forward, the municipality will host Employee Wellness Day twice a year.