Metsimaholo obtains unqualified audit opinion


SASOLBURG - Metsimaholo Local Municipality has again, in two years in a row, obtained its unqualified audit opinion. This was announced by the provincial auditor general during the sitting of council on Wednesday. “Yesterday we had a council meeting and during the meeting we had a visit from the Provincial Auditor General who came to announce our audit result. He said he was very impressed with Metsimaholo, he said there has been a steady improvement,” said the Executive Mayor of Metsimaholo, Cllr Brutus Mahlaku.

Mayor Mahlaku said that when they were elected in 2011, the municipality was not in good books, however, he pointed out that a lot of energy was directed towards turning the situation around. “When we entered the municipality, the audit report was a disclaimer in 2011. Then in 2012 we changed it to qualified audit opinion and 2013 it was still qualified. When it comes to 2014 and 2015 we have obtained unqualified audit opinion,” said Mayor Mahlaku.

According to the first citizen of Metsimaholo, the unqualified audit has brought much needed moral support to the administration of the municipality. “The credibility of the municipality has moved to a higher level and this will bring confidence to the community towards the municipality. Metsimaholo  consists of Sasolburg, Deneysville and Oranjeville all with a population of over 140 000 according to Statistics South Africa.

Mahlaku said the auditor general’s report on Metsimaholo is the results of commitment showed by everyone that works at the municipality. “We have the right people at the right place. If you know more about finance, go to finance and that is one of our philosophies,” said Mayor Mahlaku.