Metsimaholo municipality respond to outcry for houses.

Metsimaholo Municipality has responded to the outcry of residents of Zamdela by building them state of  the art Community Residential Units in Zamdela Township and Breaking New Ground houses in Nic Ferreira Area at Sasolburg. The municipality with the assistance of the provincial department of Human Settlement under the leadership Of MEC Olly Mlamleli has already build 126 units of the First Phase of a total of 392 CRU’s  at Zamdela. Furthermore, 74 Breaking New Ground houses are already occupied by residents who resided at Lusaka Hostel in Ward 12 for more than 20 years and these beautiful houses were handed over to them by President Jacob Zuma during his visit to Sasolburg. Another 74 Breaking New Ground Houses are about to be completed and will be ready for occupation by the residents.


When speaking to Dumelang News, Executive Mayor, Cllr Brutus Mahlaku indicated that the Lusaka Hostel is not good for people to stay in and its condition is very poor and unacceptable. As a caring government led by President Jacob Zuma we can’t allow our people to stay in such bad and inhuman conditions, hence did we started with the assistance of our provincial government with this housing projects in our area. Cllr Mahlaku indicated that MEC Mlamleli will soon be in Sasolburg in order to open officially the CRU’s so that they can be occupied by people. Jemina Motloung, a resident residing at Nick Ferreira, indicated that she stayed for more than 20 years at Lusaka hostel  and that she is very happy with the house that government has built her and that she is very proud of the ANC led government as it is a caring government which take cares for its people.


Another resident, Benjamin Mthi, also residing in Nick Ferreiara, indicated that Lusaka Hostel is not a place where people can stay and it is also not safe to stay at that hostel and he is very happy and excited for his brand new, beautiful house with a bathroom and ceiling, “this house is beautiful, my friend and I can now die peacefully, I love this government.” I am also very close to the shops indicates Mthi . Cllr Mahlaku says, due to the people who are coming to Sasolburg in big numbers to seek employment as Sasolburg is surrounded by industries, the demand for houses in the area is on the rise and we are trying by all means in order to address this problem. As government, we have made a commitment to provide our people with sustainable human settlement in order to improve the quality of household life for our people. We are not a government which makes promises, but we are a government which makes commitments and we adhere to that. Cllr Mahlaku says, we are trying by all means as a municipality, working very closely with our provincial government to change and better the lives of our people by ensuring that we are responding positively to their needs. On behalf of all the residents of Metsimaholo, I would like to the thank our Premier Ace Magashule, who is also our provincial chairperson of the ANC and MEC Olly Mlamleli, who is the provincial chairperson of the ANCWL, for their continuous support and outstanding and excellent leadership, concludes Cllr Mahlaku. We are a municipality at work!